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Strix the Sontaran Welcome To Commander Strix's page.

Back during Christmas in 2012,  a number of "Sontaran Christmas Carols" was released by the BBC, which I found marvellous!

After sharing the video on Facebook, and chatting about it with a friend, it was jokingly suggested that I should Costume the character at charity events. It then dawned on me that there aren't very few Sontaran costumers out there, and I began to think on this seriously. After about 20 mins of thinking about it, I began gathering research on how I was going to make this a reality.

I soon learned that no one seemed to be costuming this character at all, which is a great shame, as I think it would be really popular to do.



The Sontaran Image is Copyright (C) 1973 to the BBC.

Strix is based on the Commander Strax Character which is Copyright (C) 2011 to the BBC.

Strix is not associated with the BBC, and the Sontaran Image and Commander Strax Character remain Copyright (C) to them.

Strix can only attend Public Fundraising Events, and is NOT available for private Hire.

Strix operates on a NON-PROFIT basis, and is Copyright (C) 2015 to Shane Rhodes.