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Dalek Candi was created by Shane Rhodes on the 13th August 2012. Candi took two years of planning and building to complete, and is a combination of many Dalek designs, including some design elements created by fan based designs by Mechmaster.


Her pink colour scheme is to show her support for Breast Cancer Campaign, which she appears to achieve extremely well by capturing peoples attention, whom then ask why she is pink.

Candi finds this an excellent and successful way to spread awareness, as the more that people talk about her, the more people become aware of Breast Cancer. Candi is Very "Proud to be Pink!"

Although Breast Cancer is Candi's primary Charity, Candi has a big heart, and can also be found helping raise money for other charities too. Other Charities that Candi has helped to raise money for include: PHAB, British Heart Foundation, Muscular Distrophy, Help for Heroes, CLIC Sargent, FORCE, ELF and many others.

Candi is a member of three charity groups, which she can often be seen with in public. These groups are: Charity Sci-Fi, Charity Dalek Squad and the Exewing Fundraisers.

Click the pink ribbon to find out how to self examine for Breast Cancer. Remember to see your GP if in doubt.



Dalek Candi is currently unavailable to attend any public Charity Events whilst she goes through a rebuild. During her absense, Sparky the Invasion Cyberman will be attending events in her place. Dalek Candi thanks you for your Patience, and your support over the last few years.

Sparky's page can be found by clicking here, or via his link on Candi's About page.


My Sontaran costume pages are slowly being added. As this is still a work in progress, pages will be added as I work on the costume. You can find the link to the page through Sparky's page, or by clicking here.






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The Dalek Image is Copyright (C) 1963 to the Terry Nation Estate, and the BBC.


Dalek Candi is not associated with either the Terry Nation Estate, or the BBC, and the Dalek Image remains Copyright (C) to them.

Dalek Candi can only attend Public Fundraising Events, and is NOT available for private Hire.

Dalek Candi operates on a NON-PROFIT basis, and is Copyright (C) 2012 to Shane Rhodes.